Weight Loss Diet Swordfish Mango Salsa

Swordfish mango salsa- a healthy recipe with weight loss benefits.Are you looking for a healthy but easy way to make your meals? Have you been trying different diets but none seems to work in your favor? If this is you I have got the perfect solution to your diet issue.

With many people providing dietary advice most of whom are not professionals, it has become very difficult to find a diet that is genuine and healthy.

Swordfish mango salsa is a recipe that brings a lot of health benefits to the table. If what you need is a healthy quick to fix meal, I would recommend trying the sword fish mango salsa recipe.Do you love meat but you are too worried about the calories and weight gain accompanying it? I have good news for you. Swordfish is a meal comprised of steak like meat without the weight gain disadvantage. This dish has a distinctive texture that is very close to steak.
Ingredients.1. 300g Swordfish steak.2. Handful lettuce.2. 3 sliced mango pieces3. chopped onion.4. 1 tbsp. Olive oil.5. Small cucumber, thinly sliced.6. Wedge shaped lemon piece.7. 10-15freshmint leaves, chopped.8. 1 medium sized tomato.

Directions.1.First prepare the salsa then mix with the mango, spring onions, cucumber and tomato. Add salt and pepper for seasoning then add the mango, lemon juice and mint before stirring.2.Heat the pan with a spray of oil on it. Rub the olive oil all over the fish, add salt and pepper to taste, heat each side for about five minutes while turning until it cooks through.3.Serve the swordfish mango salsa while hot, accompanying the wedge lemon on the side.Serves two.

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