Low-Calorie Salad That Won’t Leave You Hungry


If you think salads are boring, then check out this mouthwatering French salad that packs amazing flavor and texture that makes you wish the lunch hour could arrive sooner.

Preparation time
1-2 hoursCooking time10 to 30 minsServesServes 4
• 4 x 175g/oz tuna steaks, 2.5cm/1 in thick• Eight cooked potatoes, sliced into quarters• Four roughly chopped, red tomatoes• One 15g/4oz drained, topped and cooked French beans• Four small gem lettuce hearts, cut into quarters• One finely sliced red onion• Four eggs boiled in water for 6 minutes. Halved.• Six anchovy fillets sliced into thin strips• 16 black olives, pitted in brine• 8 ripped basil leaves
Dressing and marinating ingredients
• Extra virgin oil, 105ml/7tbsp• Aged red wine vinegar 3 tbsp• Freshly chopped parsley, 2 tbsp• Freshly snipped chives, 2 tbsp• Peeled and finely chopped garlic, two cloves• Salt, 1 tbsp• Black pepper, ground, one tsp
1. Mix red wine vinegar, parsley, olive oil, chives, garlic, salt, and pepper, to dress and marinade.2. On a shallow dish, place the tuna and spread over half of the dressing. Chill for 2 hours to let fish marinate. Add marmalade periodically. 3. Place a griddled pan on a hot flame for 5 minutes. Place the marinated tuna on the pan and cook for on each side, until it turns brown.4. Place the lettuce leaves on a large plate and add the onions, potatoes, tomatoes, tuna, anchovies and beans. Sprinkle over the remaining dressing and add eggs, ripped basil leaves and eggs.

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