10 Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight Fast

1.Diet French Onion Soup Recipe

One fascinating fact about French Onion Soup is that you can take as much as your stomach can absorb everyday without worrying about rapid weight gain. If you are watching your weight, then the French Onion Soup is one of the best dishes you should eat on a regular basis….


Pasta-e-fagioli is a traditional Italian soup dish. It is a great recipe for fitness and health enthusiasts due to its low calorie count. It contains 130-379 calories per serving according to the choice of ingredients used. Pasta e fagioli can be prepared with red kidney beans, cannellini beans, or butter beans. For lower calories and low fat component in the soup low-fat bacon or pancetta can be used. Vegetarians can omit and use vegetable stock instead of bacon or meat….

3.Yummy Vegetable Skewers

Vegetables make a great deal when it comes to weight loss. Apart from that, we can also count on their vitamin benefits. For such reasons, we need vegetables alongside our main dish. In this article, I am going to show you how to cook a healthy, tasty and yummy vegetable skewers…..

4.Cook Slow Cooker Pork Ramen

Have you been looking for a great meal to cook? Well, this is normal. The Slow Cooker Pork Ramen is a great meal with numerous health benefits. This meal is known to contain additional supplements that boost health of an individual. Here are the directions on how to prepare this meal….

5.Swordfish Mango Salsa

Swordfish mango salsa- a healthy recipe with weight loss benefits.Are you looking for a healthy but easy way to make your meals? Have you been trying different diets but none seems to work in your favor? If this is you I have got the perfect solution to your diet issue…

6.Low Fat Lasagne

This recipe of low-fat lasagne is easy to prepare, healthy and will result in a plate that tastes great. We invite you to try it out and we are sure you’ll like it. Italians traditionally use pork mince for their lasagne and in this aspect our recipe is no different, respecting this tradition….

7.Baked Zucchini Fritters

Baked zucchini fritters make a very sumptuous yet delicious meal when baked. The dish is a notch away from the normal mode of preparation, which is frying. Preparing this dish is nevertheless uncomplicated and you stand to gain in terms of nutritional value. This dish is perfect for complimenting a weight loss routine…

8.Delicious Gazpacho Soup

Creating healthy dishes at home can seem like a real hassle. It’s tough to decide to create something healthy when you could just pop a burrito in the microwave and be eating in a few minutes. Fortunately, this delicious, healthy gazpacho recipe exists to make your healthy lifestyle easier…

9.Slow Cooker Spaghetti Meatballs

Looking for a quick, low fat weight loss meal? If so, slow cooker spaghetti meatballs are the best for you. Featuring low fat, low sugar, low sodium and high protein ingredients, this dish can make use of either lean beef mince or chicken and turkey mince and is considered as one of the best dishes for a weight loss diet…

10.Fat Burning Chicken Salad

What if you had something that could combine healthy and delicious? And what if it was easy to prepare and contained all the proteins, fats, sugars and vitamins you need? There is such a meal. And it’s very easy to make. It’s the chicken salad…

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